at least 50 reasons why..

so, jokingly, one day after seeing someone make a 15 reasons why they love their partner page, i said that it was 'weak' and 'cliche' and that 'i could do better effortlessly' (NO SHADE I PROMISE). my gf challenged me to it in exchange for some kind of Baked Good. so here we are...

at least 50 unconventional reasons why i love [redacted]

  1. that specific tone of voice you get while talking about something that gets your autism going
  2. the way that you do the rat grabby hands stance while talking to people
  3. i just like your accent a lot is that cliche
  4. you have a nice natural smell that is both kind of like oatmeal but nothing like oatmeal at the same time. it's cosy though and i like it
  5. the way that you react when i give you things. it's so genuine and you get so flustered and this is why i have no money
  6. your tiny little hands fit very well in my mansize hands
  7. you ALWAYS manage to find a cool bug or some kind of wild animal when we go out. i still remember those london rats. they were cool. i like them. i like you
  8. you always know what to make for breakfast. i do not
  9. even though i pretend to hate it i'm glad you deal with my spots because you're just better at it
  10. i love your writing a lot, you're great with words and it's just so fun to imagine what you've written
  11. your infodumping about bugs has saved my life and killed my fears
  12. unlike a lot of people you actually listen to me
  13. you give good hugs
  14. you've introduced me to a lot of good media
  15. you saved my leg
  16. you saved younger me from many things
  17. the way that we get into really heated debates about interests we used to once have that we now see has Tainted due to poor desicions by their respective companies. your third eye is open
  18. you fill my pressure stim need quota daily
  19. your twitter layouts are always good
  20. i love your art. any time you draw for me i go apeshit
  21. to put it bluntly i think you are a nice size
  22. your minecraft builds are so damn cosy
  23. thank you for helping me flesh out all of my underdeveloped ocs
  24. everything you've ever gotten for me has been so pefect. you just get it
  25. we agree on practically everything. butterfly is still the best ot12 tt though sorry
  26. all of our faves tropes are similar. this makes for some quality discussion
  27. your spotify playlists go hard
  28. you actually listen to and like my own self made music? that's crazy. you deserve the title of number 1 stan
  29. you always manage to calm me down when i'm having a struggle moment. i don't know how you do it but i always eventually give in.
  30. you have better opinions on furries and furry culture than any other furry.
  31. you always feel so warm
  32. you make peeing not boring
  33. something about your general inflection and the way you speak is just very nice to listen to
  34. i love your sense of web design
  35. you make a banging honey oat loaf
  36. i appreciate that you're willing to help me do small things when i'm pathetically tired
  37. you look Good in semi formal stuff
  38. you're singlehandedly bringing emo back and i love that for you.
  39. if it weren't for you i don't think i could watch like, anything. you are my ritalin
  40. i love watching you play games because i suck at them and can still experience the story. you're just better. gamer
  41. all things considered, i don't know if i would have accepted my sexuality without you.... Multiple times over.
  42. when we go to the corner shop and you over to buy me something worth 50p > therapy
  43. your boldness with pda. i get so flustered but i do love it a lot
  44. i'm not afraid to act stupid in public when i'm with you
  45. you have a better sense of direction than me and that is good because being lost scawy ;-;
  46. the way that you jiggle me like i'm in a pear wiggler
  47. you're a super good singer it's wild. feel free to take this as an invitation to do it more
  48. you just know so much random shit. and i could listen to you talk about any of it forever
  49. the way that our way of communicating can just be so stupid and memetic and would probably make an outsider think that we're a bit. special
  50. and of course, in the end, i love you because you are you and because you let me love myself for being me. thank you for everything you've ever done for me. i'm always surprised you managed to deal with.. all of it for so long, but i'm glad you have, because i'm not quite sure where i'd be, who i'd be, or how well i'd be doing without you.

list subject to be upated whenever i so desire